Monday, November 23, 2015

Mountain lifted road 15 ft! in Santa Clarita CA. Nov.20th

A landslide prompted buckling and significant damage along a 2-mile stretch in the Canyon Country area. Click here for more info.

This happened in Oct. 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015


pdf link is in youtube video description box. You have to see it. It was too big to show.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Healed From Autism With Raw Food & Other Modalities

Published on Aug 12, 2015
In this video, Matt interviews Miriam who started a company called Autism Evolution. Her brother, at the age of 16, started on a path of healing his autism naturally.

The severity of his autism was quite extreme, as he was even non-verbal for quite some time. The hospital diagnosed him with autism as a child, yet now if screened, he would show as 100% clear of all symptoms. Interestingly, he started to get better through different modalities that his sister Miriam did with him, yet when he went back to middle school, within three days of getting immunized, he had regressed all the way back to where he started from in terms of his autism symptoms. Then through a better diet, leading to eating mainly raw, along with various other modalities, her brother eventually healed completely from autism! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Soundcloud Hit With Copyright Infringement! Alternative places to upload

Soundcloud Hit With Copyright Infringement! Soon it will be Gone! Below is Ralph Buckley who lead me to This Alternative For Musicians, Singers, Mixers and Fans! Revenue Share and Free!

This Video Explains What Happened!

Click here for Ralph Buckley's Songs
Homeless and Hungry in Seattle. It's a new free way to sell music since SoundCloud will be going bub- bye!

Masaru Emoto - Water is Life - Effects of Music on Water + The Power of Words!

Words Have Energy -Proof? See the effect words have on water. Next are three independent experiments of words on rice!