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California Wildfires Update No 10

Situation Update No. 10 on December 16, 2017, 05:53 AM (UTC)

Ever since the Thomas fire erupted Dec. 4, it has steadily burned its way up the list of California's largest wildfires since the Great Depression. That list, however, does not include what some consider to be California's largest known wildfire - the 1889 Santiago Canyon fire, which scorched 300,000 acres in Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties. The official California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection list of the top 20 wildfires dates back only to 1932 because records before then "are less reliable," the department says. The largest fire on the list is the 2003 Cedar fire, which burned more than 273,000 acres and killed 15 people.

By Friday morning, the Thomas fire had burned 252,500 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and was 35% contained. However, a forecast of heavy wind gusts overnight and through the weekend threatened to push that acreage figure even higher. Under such circumstances, the Thomas fire could ultimately grow larger than the Santiago Canyon fire, according to one expert. "The Thomas fire is still going and it potentially could exceed that 300,000-acre estimate," said Jon Keeley, a research ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and an adjunct professor at UCLA. "It could end up being the biggest fire." Back in the 1930s, the U.S. Forest Service compiled a list of all fires in California, with records going back all the way to 1861, according to Keeley.
"These are estimates though, because going back that far, essentially all you have are newspaper reports," Keeley said. "There's been big fires off and on ever since. ... Large fires are not unknown in California by any means. The one thing that perhaps is different is we're getting more of them now than we did historically." Since the Civil War, half of Southern California's largest wildfires have occurred in the last 15 years, according to a paper authored by Keely. The reason for the increase? Humans.

"Historically, if you look in the past when there are relatively few people on the landscape, a significant number of the fires were being started by lightning," Keely said. "And lightning doesn't occur during Santa Ana wind events. There was just a much lower probability of an ignition coinciding with Santa Ana winds. Today, however, most fires are triggered by people. "As people increase on the landscape, we have a much greater chance that they're going to ignite fires. Perhaps by arson or more people on the landscape means more infrastructure such as power lines that could cause fires. We think that the increased incidence of big fires is most directly tied to people, more people and more badly timed ignition."

Keely notes however that the Thomas fire is a "real anomaly," because it is tied to an unusually long Santa Ana wind event. "Normally when we get a strong Santa Ana wind event, it lasts two or three days and then the winds die down and the fire is then contained," Keely said. "But this fire is occurring during a Santa Ana wind event that apparently isn't even over yet. ... The longer the Santa Ana winds blow, the larger the fire grows. That's an important characteristic of the Thomas fire." The Santiago Canyon fire ignited under Santa Ana wind conditions and that was coupled with the fact that there were very few people on the landscape to fight that fire, Keely said. Contemporary news reports said the fire began in a sheep herder's camp. In a recent paper on fire and climate, researchers evaluated the correlation between the number of Santa Ana wind events each year and the area burned and found no relationship. "We get Santa Ana winds every year.

It's just, some years, somebody ignites a fire during them, and when that happens, they tend to get really large," Keely said. "But the really large ones, we found, were related to prior drought." He pointed to the 2003 Cedar fire, which was preceded by more than a year of drought. "We think that this fire, the Thomas fire, is likely very large in part not just because the Santa Ana wind event is long, but there was this very extreme drought between 2012 and 2014." Often drought is thought of as affecting the fuel moisture of vegetation. But researchers' analysis suggests otherwise, Keely said. "What extreme droughts do is they cause dieback of the vegetation," he said. "Basically a canopy of the vegetation dies and oftentimes the entire plant dies. So you have lots of dead vegetation out on the landscape from the drought. And when the Santa Ana winds blow embers ahead of the fire front, they'll ignite spot fires, but only if they land on dead vegetation." The USGS is now gearing up to start a study to look at the amount of dieback in the Thomas fire prior to this fire event, he said. "I suspect there must have been a lot of dead vegetation and that enhanced that fire," Keely said.

Sea lion attack at San Francisco Aquatic Park

Two Men Attacked by Sea Lion Within a 24 Hour Period

Two unusual sea lion attacks in a San Francisco Bay cove led authorities to close the popular area to swimmers Friday as officials try to determine the reason for the aggressive behavior. The aggressive behavior is so unusual for sea lions that officials think the same animal attacked both swimmers, a park spokesman said. A sea lion bit a man in the groin area Friday as he swam in the waters off San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, park spokesman Lynn Cullivan said. It was "a very serious bite," and the man was taken to a hospital, he said. Witnesses told CBS San Francisco a man in his 60s was bitten as he was swimming around 8:00 a.m. "A sea lion came up from underneath and grabbed him on the inside of his thigh," eyewitness Andrew Burrell told CBS San Francisco.
A member of the South End Rowing Club was able to help the swimmer get back to shore. "He came in shocked, he had a look on his face where he just wanted to get to the hospital," Burrell said. The victim was taken to an area hospital with three lacerations to his upper leg. The cove hosts swimming and rowing clubs and is a favorite spot for dedicated swimmers. It's usually a transit area for sea lions heading to Pier 39, where they congregate, Cullivan said. The area just off Ghirardelli Square, a popular square with shops and restaurants, will be closed to swimmers until Monday, he said. Another swimmer was seriously injured Thursday after a sea lion bit him on the arm. Officers applied a tourniquet and he was transported to a hospital, where he had a least two surgeries.
Christian Einfeldt believes the animal trailed him as he swam from the beach to the mouth of the cove. When he turned to swim back, the massive sea lion was right there, he told San Francisco television station KGO. "I did feel threatened. I did have a warning. But I was a quarter-mile from shore. There was nothing I could do," Einfeldt said between surgeries. When the sea lion got near Einfeldt, he splashed water on it, but the animal did not go away, said Matthew Reiter with the San Francisco Police Department's Marine Unit. "When it didn't work, he yelled at it and then the sea lion came up and bit him on the arm," Reiter said. He started steadily bleeding. Knowing he could not swim back, Einfeldt said he flagged down a sailboat. "I was relatively calm because I wasn't dead," he told the TV station. A man on the sailboat pulled him aboard and called the police. Cullivan said officials think the same animal attacked both swimmers. "It could just be a sea lion being territorial, or it could be an injured or sick mammal," he said. Cullivan said the swimmers were closer to the bay than to the shore when they were attacked. "People think the bay is their backyard, but it really is the beginning of the wilderness," he said. "There is wilderness out there."

BioHazard: Disease, agent name-Animal attack (unprovoked, sea lion) Bacteria and viruses that cause only mild disease to humans, or are difficult to contract via aerosol in a lab setting, such as hepatitis A, B, and C, influenza A, Lyme disease, salmonella, mumps, measles, scrapie, dengue fever, and HIV. "Routine diagnostic work with clinical specimens can be done safely at Biosafety Level 2, using Biosafety Level 2 practices and procedures. Research work (including co-cultivation, virus replication studies, or manipulations involving concentrated virus) can be done in a BSL-2 (P2) facility, using BSL-3 practices and procedures. Virus production activities, including virus concentrations, require a BSL-3 (P3) facility and use of BSL-3 practices and procedures", see Recommended Biosafety Levels for Infectious Agents.

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They Could Be Fireballs! @Yellowstone...

The Sun & Moon Will Be in The Sky@The Same Time. If U R on a Tall Buildi...

It's essential to dress warmly in winter for only 19.99
slip right into these

And if you haven't already, take the time to start juicing. You can get a juicer for $49.99 on Amazon

For energy, you need Vit-B12 (if you are on any medication, ask your doctor before taking even green tea.) Green tea interacts with high blood pressure meds. I use the B-12 patches which the FDA has recently banned! Why? Because they work and don't bother your stomach like the pills do for many people. They want everyone on medication for acid reflux which is a side effect of most meds and some Vitamins. Juicing helps me very much although I don't juice daily.
I always juice Beets which brings oxygen to the brain and lowers blood pressure. They just finished a study on beets for the brain. The beets can be cooked along with carrots which most people don't know is good for bones, as well as eyes. This product seems to work for some people. However, there are side effects. I wonder if people even searched Protandin before they bought it.
I take living silica Orgono - G5 Siliplant - 33.85 oz. which has been around for yrs. I use it for hair growth and bones.
I was told I have osteopenia so the Dr. gave me pills but, the side effects are acid reflux you can break a thigh bone, it can snap!


I told him no way, he said have you read the side effects of Tylenol then he said forget it, lol. I didn't have time to explain ORGONO to him, yet. ORGONO also produces collagen and really, my hair is finally growing again. It's also for bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and the bottle is a 33.89 oz liquid that tastes like water.
My brother started taking it since he's seen the difference in my own hair. Also, I've been using pure coconut oil for a long time and I love the results. I also put it lightly on my hair and skin, plus I use the cooking coconut oil because to my chagrin, I found out that olive oil isn't good for you either.
Another product I search was beet powder. On it has 137 mg of Sodium in it. SuperBeets has 65 mg in theirs. Fresh beetroot has 0 sodium.
Beets lower your blood pressure so why would they put so much in the one at


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Jason Quitt - Lecture at CITD 2017

The comments under this video show how brainwashed some of us have become. If this first video turns you off, please go to the second video in which Jason tells more about his childhood. Shows a picture of how he looked because he had not been able to eat processed food. He had IBS.

He also c0-wrote a book with Bob Mitchell who passed away right after the book was published. His wife thinks he was killed for telling the truth about Tesla and ETS.
I knew of the book and have promoted it because it was on time travel but, I never bought it or read it. Yet. I never heard of Jason Quitt until an interview he did with Bob Mitchell on Coast to Coast where they talked about John Titor the 2nd. Who is not the John Titor from 1998 who had contact with Art Bell. I don't think he was the same one who left all those comments the boards either. TITOR is an acronym.

Jason is very humble and never thought his story was anything special because to him, his life was normal.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Q+A About John Titor.

Another man who was an official time traveler from the year 2500, returned to the year 2036 in order to investigate about solar eruptions and the way that these influence the living beings, in that time he became friend of John Titor, and together, in two individual time machines they went to the year 1975 to obtain operating systems of this time. The reason was a favor, based on their friendship so that he could make money with this recovery. Obviously, it was a mission without any mystery and without any relevance.
In the same way that astronauts, sea divers or mountain hikers, are prepared, the time travelers are also prepared mentally and physically for the mission through time, but this didn't happen to John Titor, who was transported to the past without any previous training, this circumstance affected his mind and in his delirium he made nonsensical predictions, he forged pictures and he left irrational drawings on the Internet.

I would like to know if you have information related to the well-known person John Titor who said he was from the year 2036 and he returned to the past during the year 2000 leaving messages about a great conflict in the year 2015. The USS Cole bombing was a terrorist attack against the United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Cole on 12 October 2000, while it was being refueled in Yemen's Aden harbor.
He also explained that it was a possibility since parallel lines of time exist. There might have been a war on another timeline in the US itself.

So, when making his mind to become unbalanced, he created a delirious Webpage where he published pictures and graphics that were not real, but only the fruit of his feverish imagination.
Here, it is important to make an explanation, since many people were waiting to see if John Titor's predictions about the future are fulfilled then they will verify if he was really a time traveler or not.
What will happen then? Simply his predictions won't be fulfilled and, as a consequence, those people will say erroneously that John Titor was not a time traveler. But, he was!

Remember The First Gulf War? Persian Gulf War? Desert Storm and/or Desert Shield? They’re all the same war. Whatever we call it now.

John Titor said he was an American soldier with a mission to fulfill. Nothing would be strange nor surprising, but when he said he came from the future (the year 2036) things changes.
According to John Titor, a 38-year-old American soldier had a mission of returning from their present year 2036 to the past year 1975 to obtain a computer model of the company IBM.

One could say why they would need that technology if they are able to travel through time to get an old personal computer model; but the sure thing, always according to John Titor, is that in his present, those codes and architecture are no longer available, therefore the American army would have commended him this mission.
But this doesn't finish here, after picking up this computer in the year 1975, John Titor has come toward the year 1998 and he has remained among us for the lapse of about 6 months (approx. October 1998 / April 2001).
During this time he had written in numerous forums and entered into different chats, (Including mine) disclosing all these topics to anyone who wanted to listen to him; moreover, he had ended up publishing pictures of the supposed time machine and the blueprints of the same one.

During these months he has remained among us and he has predicted several events for mankind...
He has predicted that in America a civil war will begin during 2004 and 2005, reaching its maximum potential toward the year 2008, There was the stock market crash which could have sent a shockwave through the cosmos since he was confused in crossing so many dimensions as you will see. destroying everything in the United States toward the 2012 CERN and Hurricane Sandy hit. and in the year 2015 an intercontinental nuclear war will come.The Nuclear Peace Accords?
What about the Twin Towers, he didn't see them missing or hear about it? Six months later he left.
That is the story, one can believe it or not.
The obvious question is was he a time traveler or not?

A. Yes, he was a time traveler, but it is about something insignificant.
Q. I don’t understand how insignificant.
A. I mean to get a relic.
Q. I still don’t understand.
A. I mean that to come from the future to recover a relic is not an important mission.
Q. But Wasn’t something really important in that computer to recover that model IBM?
A. No, it was not important. There is a code that they call ASCII code and they needed it, as well as the old DOS system.
Q. I am a little bit confused because I don’t understand the story very well. Did this person come from the year 2036?
A. That’s correct.
Q. But maybe in that time they already had a time machines?
A. No, what happened is that this person made contact with a person, a Chrononaut called John Vasosbus.
Q. Was John Vasosbus then a time traveler?
A. Correct.
Q. So, what year did he come from?
A. 500 years.
Q. From 2550?
A. correct.
Q. And what was John Vasosbus doing in 2036?
A. He was investigating the solar eruptions and the way they influence the Earth and the living beings, especially in the dermatological part, skin cancer, and those things. In that time he became a very close friend of John Titor.
Q. Now, I understand better. Was it a long friendship?
A. Of some months.
Q. But how did they meet? I mean if John Vasosbus just appeared to John Titor suddenly saying: "Hello, how are you, I'm a time traveler from the year 2550?
A. No, it was not that way. It was a casual encounter like it happens so many times, and there became trust between them. John Vasosbus admitted he was a time traveler, obviously asking that the secret is kept between them.
Q. Now it is clear. And what was the reason for John Titor's trip to the year 1975?
A. John Titor worked in a computing company and he told to its directive that he could get a technology that was no longer used in 2036 which was impossible to get, to create a new system.
Q. What kind of new system?
A. A similar system to the so-called Windows but with ASCII technology, so that the operating system of that time was much faster and much more reliable.
Q. But who ask it to him, the military ones?
A. No, it was a private company.
The directive simply told John Titor if he could get those old operating systems they would pay him a certain amount of money.
Q. Didn't he say then that he was in contact with a time traveler?
A. No, of course not. The directive thought that some collector had those old systems and that John Titor could find him.

So, John Titor requested permission to John Vasosbus to go to the company where he worked and offer to the directive the means to get those old systems with the exclusive purpose of making money and John Vasosbus agreed?
A. Correct.
Q.And the drawings he left supposedly on Internet of the time machine?
A. They were a product of this person's delusion. The fact of the trip to the past perturbed him completely because he was not prepared for that thing. His mind was deteriorated and he began to have hallucinations.
Q. There not valid?
A. No, not at all. It is as if you suddenly had a vehement desire to travel to a paradisiacal island and you finally achieved that, and you were so impacted with the place and so euphoric that your mind is altered to such point that when you return you begin to hallucinate saying that you have met beautiful maidens, strange animals, caves with immense treasures inside and all those things are only fruit of your exacerbated imagination.
Q. There are pictures supposedly of the interior of the time machine. Is there anything real about it?
A. Not at all, It is a forged picture.
Q. But why did he do it?
A.Simply because he was hallucinating. He was out of his mind because I repeat, the trip through time altered him.
Q. Do I have to presume that time travelers have some kind of training so that that doesn't happen to them? I remember the intensive training of the astronauts at this time and the sea divers.
A. Of course and they are also depersonalized, they already know in theory how their trip to the past will be. With John, it was something sudden, without any kind of preparation.

I can imagine the shock... Why did John Vasosbus consent to John Titor's petition?
A. There was not any kind of interest; he simply did it because they were friends.
Q. Is it so easy to learn how to drive a time machine?
A. John Titor didn't learn, John Vasosbus took him.
Q. Did they travel to the past together?
A. Yes, of course, what happened was that Vasosbus was in the "shade".
Q. And how long did they stay?
A. It was not a single trip but five.
Q. Did they travel to the past, return (to 2036) and then they traveled again five times?
A. Correct.
Q.How was the time machine they used to travel? I mean was it something similar to the famous time machine of H.G. Wells.
A. No, it was not so big, because in this case there were two small personal machines.
Q. So, John Vasosbus controlled or managed the time travel machine used by John Titor from his own machine
A. Sure, through a quantum field, so there was no risk of getting lost.

Q. It is perfectly clear; would it be something like two hammocks connected by a chain?
A. Yes, something like that, but instead of the chain, it was a
quantum field.
Q. Concretely then, the only thing real is that John Titor was some kind of "clandestine" time traveler who traveled to the past with the "official" time traveler John Vasosbus, and he did it since they were friends and Titor wanted to earn some money. The rest was a pure hallucination. Am I right?
A. That’s correct.
Q. Is the Website where John Titor wrote his experience fake?
A. No. The web page is real, but the things he said and his predictions are just figments of his imagination.

Now, this is clear. It’s a pity he became crazy because he would have proved it's possible to travel through time, for example, he could have predicted the Twin Towers attack.
A> Practically the only thing he was not hallucinating was about he traveled to the past to get old operating systems in order to create a new one to improve the computers of the year 2036.
Q. You mentioned that they came several times. What was the reason?
A. The reason was the investigation of several topics, but nothing especial, so it is not worthwhile to mention them.
Q. How long did John Vasosbus stay in 2036?
A.Approximately one year.
Q. Is John Vasosbus a time traveler from the same time of the time traveler Kronbus.
A. Correct, he was at the same time as Kronbus was and other time travelers too.
Q. Is there something else about this topic?
A. No, because the main thing was already said.

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Massive Landslide in Big Sur!

Kirk Gafill, president of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce and owner of the historic Nepenthe Restaurant, said the slide may prove a blessing, stabilizing land that Caltrans was working to shore up.
On the other hand, he acknowledges his theory may be wishful thinking.
"There's no question if you live and own a business in Big Sur, you live in a very dramatic landscape and we know historically, whether it's fire or a mudslide or a landslide from one year to the next it's not very predictable," said Gafill, whose restaurant is serving two to three dozen local diners a day rather than the 600 to 1,000 typical for this time of year.
Gafill said repairing this landslide is not as critical for business as the re-opening of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, a span on Highway 1 that was damaged from heavy rain in January and February. The new span is scheduled to open in September.
Kurt Mayer, who owns Big Sur Tap House, was also taking news of the slide in stride. He said Tuesday he wouldn't trade in his work location for somewhere safer.
"We're all going to make it, I'm pretty sure," he said. "Big Sur can scare some people, and those people usually come and go pretty quickly. And those who can hang, they're still there and they'll continue to be there."

In this aerial photo taken Monday, May 22, 2017 provided by John Madonna showing a massive landslide along California's coastal Highway 1 that has buried the road under a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt. A swath of the hillside gave way in an area called Mud Creek on Saturday, May 20, covering about one-third of a mile, half a kilometer, of road and changing the Big Sur coastline. (John Madonna via AP)

This shows the heat index. The Hot pink is hottest as the colors become less strong it is cooler.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Silent Invasion by Ellen Crystall
UFO's seen in upstate New York!
Review by Jeanette Foresta: May 22, 2017

Pros: Has pictures in it, and took place in the eighties. If you are into these types of books this is well worth the read.
The single most important event in the history of the human race would be contacted with extraterrestrial life. According to Ellen Crystall, that contact already began. Since 1982, thousands of people have sighted UFO's in the Hudson Valley of New York, Orange County where this author did her research. These
The field research was carried out in Pine Bush NY with the meticulous collecting of evidence and gathering statements from witnesses over a period of many years.
This book is dedicated to all the people who have seen aliens and crafts and have suffered because of it.
Unlike other abduction stories, this author was never abducted, nor has she ever been hypnotized by anyone.
She describes how she and interested parties would sit in their car at night and look at the UFO show that went on there often back in the 80's. The book's copyright is 1991.
She describes how she and her friends and interested parties including Peter Gersten at one time, sat in their cars waiting for the UFO and light show to begin. However, Peter never got to see the show. He was as disappointed as losing his lawsuit against the state of Arizona for UFO disclosure.
That brings me to the author’s claims of conspiracy and cover-ups. The author even speculates as to how the Illuminati, are in on it.
The bottom line seems to be that they are here on a multifaceted mission. and none of it seems intended for human good as a benefit to individuals or race. Ellen speaks of the majestic twelve situations; she speaks of the Bilderberg Group the Illuminati being a paranoid way of thinking and then reconsiders when she remembers the Iran-Contra affair, and how this is not only possible but, likely. Now, what could they be hiding?
One being the minerals that the aliens are mining in Pine Bush.
She was told the minerals were beryllium, zirconium, and titanium. "They could be stealing and the government ought to do something about it.
And it could actually be government funded for all we know."
Ellen pursued this by doing library research and amazingly she learned that the metals were not only rare but were found only in some small Asian countries, and she nearly flipped when she read this, also in Orange County NY! Exactly where she was pursuing the ships. It is interesting to note that these metals are used in nuclear reactor plants.
Another startling fact, which she shares with us about the location, is the Wallkill River that runs through most of the area is one of only several Rivers in the continental United States to run North instead of South. The author does not see the connection with the water yet. Nevertheless, information about the river made her uncomfortable. "Maybe they are dumping their waste in our water! Ever think of that G-man!"
I found this information exciting.

The author claims that this is still going on Her Ph.D. is in music.
Amazon Music Unlimited! Amazon Music Unlimited offers tens of millions of songs and thousands of expert-programmed playlists and stations, including the hottest new releases from today’s most popular artists.

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Water Purifiers!

Fast food is Dead Food! It has no life in it and you will become diseased if you keep eating it. They offer up a hearty amount of triglycerides in cold cuts and an extremely high amount of sodium. I won't even get into the vein clogging fat in french fries, bacon, burger's, and fast food chicken. Besides for the fact that they kill living animals disheartens me. But, it's there and if you want to eat it have at it. Give me a call when you want to learn what to eat.

If you want to eat beef, you can trace where it came from on certain brands, not all!

Boston Market inject chickens with a large amount of fat so it's more tender than any other chicken. I know this fact because I knew a manager of one of the chains. He told me that's why I would always get a stomach ache after eating there. The other Food Chain
KFC deep fry their chicken in a bucket of, a heart attack waiting to happen.

Commercials show close-ups of mouths scrumptiously crunching down on a highly addictive way of eating. They play these commercials at around 9:30 PM, have you ever noticed that?
Oh, but you are supposed to have so much willpower to not pick up that phone for a home delivery? Then you go to sleep, and your body is so busy digesting, instead of resting. So, you wake up tired. That is if the heartburn and indigestion don't keep you up all night. Cure?

I used to get such bad indigestion at one time but, my mother was a home remedy advocate and would tell me to hurry to drink a hot glass of water, and it worked every time until it totally stopped. I had to figure out what I was eating wrong or if it was stress.

A few years ago Jamie Oliver was so fed up with seeing obese children suffering, as he did as a child, that he did a TV special on obesity in children.
So many children were, and still, are being bullied over their weight! They're getting diabetes, and children as young as two have high cholesterol. Some parents think as soon as their babies get teeth, they can start eating pizza, fries, and fast food that is not meant for babies.
Their taste buds are perfect before they become accustomed to salted and sweetened food. That's why I never gave my own children gobs of ice cream as children. I was into health food before I even had children. When I was pregnant I had no morning sickness. Morning sickness is your body cleaning out the toxins so the fetus has a safe environment to start off with.

Parents and grandparents are the ones who ruin the process through a dysfunctional way of thinking. Parents have to set rules and have the grandparents go along with it. Instead, I see grandparents undo all the good parents do!

The Jamie Oliver TV special showed him pouring tubs of fat into a dumpster which was what was on the schools' lunch menu. In one segment he did a question and answer lesson with the children. He found that most children as old as seven, couldn't identify a potato when he held it up but, they knew what a French fry was. That's when schools started changing their menus.

It's easier to change a menu then it is to change eating habits of children and adults. Not only is fast food convenient, it is giving ten-year-olds high cholesterol. Couple that with sugar latent drinks a direct link to childhood diabetes.

One solution for city dwellers like myself can be found in Urban Gardening: How To Grow Food In Any City Apartment Or Yard No Matter How Small (Growing Indoors, on Rooftops, Small Yards, Balcony Gardens, Planting... Gardening Systems Guidebooks may be helpful. Just google how to grow a garden indoors.
Communities can get together to get a Greenhouse.
does is, it super excites the food molecules. It changes the molecular structure of the food. So when the food goes into your body it causes a molecular imbalance on a cellular level. It actually takes energy and oxygen out of our body.

There were studies done which traced the rise of colon cancer, and other digestive diseases linked directly to the use of microwave ovens.

Styrofoam was finally taken off the market thanks to former Mayor Bloomberg. I've been telling my family about this for years. Styrofoam plates must not be used to heat food or, water in a microwave oven at all.
Don't even put hot food from an oven onto a styrofoam plate because the heat from the food breaks down the styrofoam molecules and it gets into the food. Notice that delis have cardboard cups now for coffee? They have known about this for years. Does it really have to be regulated by a Mayor? I guess so.

We wanted change and we are getting it. People may feel some growing pains. It's time our dysfunctional habitual ways of eating get some tough love. People want to yell and scream about things they have no foresight to see will change for the better.

TV Commercials: There was one commercial where the mother puts a pop-em in a microwave oven then pops it right into her son's mouth. I don't see that commercial anymore.

Food from the microwave may feel cool on the outside while the inside is steaming hot! It heats up from the inside out. The elderly and children are burning their mouths, and throats by not being aware of this.

Change your thoughts to change your habits. Boost your immune system with as close to live food as you can get these days without them being GMO.

Food should be eaten that grows seventeen to one hundred miles of your region. The fruits and vegetable should be picked when ripe.

Most supermarkets have organic food from small farms which are what I prefer. The food marked USDA Organic approved is genetically modified. They are owned by Monsanto which have molecules with pesticides already in them so they don't get eaten by insects. Wonder where the bees went? Wonder if we will go the way of the bees?

Having clean water is one of the most important facts of life. All across the US, we are spending way too much on bottled water. I never thought I would see the day where we'd be paying for water nevertheless buying it but, the new world has arrived

Water Gen-Bringing water to the world! See the latest news on this new technology!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Update. If you are here from the video, thank you!
I'm reading the book now on my kindle and it is not a page turner it's a page burner. It's a little bit about what I talked about in the video which I will link here tomorrow. The government declared war on plant growers of America. Well, he wasn't all that innocent but, they are doing a job on Youtuber Ted Visner. Allowing people to grow plants as a care giver, for medicinal use than taking their kids and houses away. It's one big honey pot. Don't get caught up in it until you read all about what could happen and if you don't smoke it don't start! We know it helps some people with certain disabilities but, the FEDS want all the money for themselves and that's the only reason it is legal in all fifty states. Heroin will be next, as I said in the video it already is. Okay, I'm getting back to reading.

Stratton’s latest book . . . details his treacherous trip through the federal prison system with an unfiltered voice and a knack for finding humor in the most desolate of spaces.”―New York Post" Richard Stratton's powerful memoir Kingpin is a sharp reminder that 'Orange' in not the 'New Black.' There is nothing romantic or exotic about a trip through the criminal justice system and federal prison. Stratton's page-turning account takes us through the mendacity of the criminal justice system, with its relentless drive to turn him into an informer, and into the arbitrary and casual brutality of prison life. Spoiler alert: Stratton refused to snitch and emerged with his principles intact. But he paid a heavy price for fighting the war on drugs."—Ronald L. Kuby, Civil Rights, and criminal defense attorney

"“There is nothing abstract or contentious about Richard Stratton's Kingpin, an indictment of America's severely flawed and corrupt system of criminal justice. He has experienced it all at first hand, spending eight years on a journey through the squalid prisons and politically tainted courts, from Los Angeles to New York and points between. His story is told in the first person and present tense which gives it an immediacy and pace that catches the reader early and won't let go. At one point, recounting his harrowing experience, Stratton writes. ‘But then, just maybe I will make it through and live long enough to write about it. That is my secret desire, my solitary plan.’ He has fulfilled his desire, accomplished his plan, and succeeded brilliantly.” Convicting the Innocent: Death Row and America's Broken System of Criminal Justice. —Stanley Cohen is the author, most recently, of Convicting the Innocent: Death Row and America's Broken System of Criminal Justice.

"Stratton's portrait of prison life is unsparing . . . This prison memoir stands out due to Stratton's elite criminal status and also the quality of his writing, which tends to be observant, mordant, and sometimes hilariously vulgar. A pulpy, well-crafted recollection of time behind bars packed with unsettling questions about society's embrace of mass imprisonment and the drug war.” —Kirkus
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Full Worm Moon March 2-23-2017

There's some leeway with these estimates because of differing points of view on Earth and time zone differences,
not to mention that daylight saving time also begins on March 12 (so don't forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour at 2 a.m. local time). To find out exactly when the moon will rise at your location, try searching for the word "moonrise calculator" along with the name of your city.

The full moon of March is known as the Worm Moon because it happens when temperatures rise and the earthworms start to reappear, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. It was also called the Sap Moon, as it's when the maple trees could be tapped to make syrup again after a long winter of frozen sap. Celtic people called the March full moon the "moon of winds." And, according to "A Dictionary of the Choctaw Language" (published in 1915), the Choctaw people called it the "big famine" – perhaps because it was the season when winter food stores would start to run low.

The full moon of March is known as the Worm Moon because it happens when temperatures rise and the earthworms start to reappear, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. It was also called the Sap Moon, as it's when the maple trees could be tapped to make syrup again after a long winter of frozen sap. Celtic people called the March full moon the "moon of winds." And, according to "A Dictionary of the Choctaw Language" (published in 1915), the Choctaw people called it the "big famine" – perhaps because it was the season when winter food stores would start to run low.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I've been going over the text I kept on what the secular Jewish boy said about 70 nations coming against Israel and that's when the Mashiach will appear. He said he's already here. This is it on Jan 15th 70 nations will meet in Paris to discuss making Palestine a state and they said they have to move fast before Trump gets in because he is against it. Then they made a threat. The interview starts.

Rabbi Rami Levy. Here the boy sitting to my right is Natan, he is not from Jerusalem. He went trough a very difficult moment and I will relate what he saw and what messages he received. How will this war begin?
Natan: That all of that, all of the bad things will take two weeks.
What will happen in those two weeks?
Natan: In those two weeks -what is the bad thing? More than a few million people will die. They will die like...the only thing that will save them, what I understood -is if they repent.
If the person learns Torah and performs acts of kindness. That's what will save him from this thing.
Now tell me what is this, what kind of war a spiritual war?
What kind of war? A war of Soldiers against Soldiers? What is it?
Natan: Partially, partially. At first, it will be a war between soldiers. The whole world will simply come...simply at first, all the goyim will battle each other, and will want Israel. In the end...what will happen is this: Everyone will unite and fight against us, fight against the nation of Israel. And many people from among AM Yisrael will die, several million people will die. A ton of people will die.

Natan: Also, incest from what I saw, is a very big sin! Also, bloodshed is a very big one. These are the biggest ones.
Rabbi: What is bloodshed? Natan: Murder, stabbing, things like that. Rabbi: And what about shaming in public ... Is it too?
Natan: Shaming in public is exactly like these, too. Whoever puts his friend to shame in front of other people - doesn't have a life in Garden of Eden, for eternities.
He's going to be in the seventh department in hell forever.

Rabbi: Those who didn't keep Torah and the mitzvot? Natan: They will die.
Rabbi: And those who keep the Torah and mitzvot? (good deeds)

Natan: it depends... there are those who are observant but they don't really care about it, they are casual about it. But if someone is really strict and studies Torah and does acts of kindness, he will be saved.
Rabbi: How will he be saved?
Natan: What will happen is like this, according to what I saw up there.
Rabbi: What do you mean you saw it, like a movie?
Natan: yes, I see it like a movie of the future. I see it in a movie of the future.
Natan: Like the way I saw my life that I saw at first. They showed me in a thousandth of a second they showed it to me. And I saw every second of my life, when I was a baby, when I was a little boy, I saw it all. And okay...
Let's move on. Natan: And then what will happen is suddenly...
Rabbi: So, two days? two days and everything is open. Exposed/unprotected.
Natan: Yes, yes.
Rabbi: So you say Gog is Obama. Obama is the United States. You say that he will lead. And who will join him?
Natan: Iran will join him. The UN.
Rabbi: The whole UN.
Natan: Yes, Russia, South Korea. The whole UN really every. Everyone. All seventy nations will rise against us. Seventy.
Rabbi: Where is ISIS in this?
Natan: ISIS, what they will do is this is what I saw they will kidnap people. They will simply kidnap people.
Rabbi: They will kidnap our people?
Natan: Yes. Like they did to Gilad Shalit- they will also do that. They will kidnap people, and they will torture them, and things like that ...Now, what I also saw -is that Har ha-Zeitim. That's the Mount of Olives next to Jerusalem, it...well..he says, those who have merit will be that mountain will split in two.

And the moment that mountain splits into two in that second...the Mashiach will be revealed to everyone.
Meaning before everyone?
Everyone will simply see that it's the Mashiach, understand it's the Mashiach. Here he is, revealed to everyone. And he will stand at the entrance there to Har ha-Zeitim. And he will say who can enter and who cannot. Everyone who doesn't have the merit to enter will stay outside and die.
You have to understand what he will be saved from I will explain in a minute this to you. so it's like, the mountain simply opens. And also --? It splits in two.
Rabbi: Something like an earthquake?
Natan: will rise know how Har ha-Zeitim (The Mount of Olives)
there are graves, right? YES...Natan:

So two of the dead people will arise. Two dead people will come back to life. One from here, and one from here, and it will split in two. That's how it will happen. And what I saw was simply that the Mashiach is first of all someone who can't sin. Someone who repented. Who didn't commit any trangression.
Rabbi: He repented?
Natan: He repented. Yes. He didn't commit any transgressions. since he repented, he didn't commit even one transgression. It can't be that the Mashiach is someone who committed any transgressions. Now, it can be someone who we actually know very well, who we know very well..Lots and lots of people know him, according to what I understood. But, everyone will be very, very surprised that he is of all people the Mashiach. He will fight against Obama. And not only that he will kill him and bury him in the land of Israel.
To end. Natan says: War started on Sept 11th 2015. We will know ww3 starts when by a big bomb, it will last two weeks. It will take a long time to bury all the bodies.
France will convene some 70 nations together on January 15 for a Middle East peace conference in Paris to discuss the creation of a Palestinian State and will invite the Israeli and Palestinian leaders only after this meeting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bubonic Plague 31 dead-Oil Giant Shell Oil LeakSingapore- Legionnaires Macedonia, Anthrax Zambia

Oil Spill Exon Mobil Shell General emergency and public safety
Oil giant Shell had a chemical leak
Singapore on January 11, 2017 02:49 PM
Certainty Observed Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing
Scope Public For general dissemination to unrestricted audiences
Severity Moderate Possible threat to life or property.

Oil giant Shell had a chemical leak at its Pulau Bukom oil and petrochemical facility on Monday (Jan 9), while a fire broke out at ExxonMobil's Jurong Island chemical plant on Sunday morning. No one was hurt in both incidents. Shell and ExxonMobil are investigating. A Shell spokesman said its chemical leak occurred in a unit that was already closed for maintenance and that "mitigating measures were immediately taken". The Singapore
Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to the chemical leak on Monday afternoon. As a precautionary measure, SCDF stationed resources at the site throughout the leak containment operation carried out by Shell contractors. Shell did not say what the chemical was, citing commercial confidentiality. The spokesman added: "There is no adverse impact expected in the water or the surroundings. Shell has a health, safety, security, and environment policy and we are strongly committed to it."
The fire at ExxonMobil's chemical plant happened at 5.30am on Sunday and was put out by the SCDF and ExxonMobil's in-house emergency response team. SCDF said the fire involved residual hydrocarbon and that it had dispatched three fire engines, one red rhino, one ambulance and seven support vehicles to the plant at 100 Jurong Island Highway. An ExxonMobil spokesman said: "Safety is a core value at all our operations and facilities. We learn from all incidents and use these learnings to reinforce our commitment to continued safety improvement. "While we manage our business with the goal of preventing incidents, we are prepared for emergencies should they occur and can respond quickly and effectively."

Bubonic Plague Help Being Hindered by Bad Roads
Dead person(s) 31
Indian Ocean
Country Madagascar

Bubonic plague has killed at least 31 people in Madagascar's southern district of Befotaka Atsimo official said. "The victims are from two adjacent rural communes: 25 in one and six in another one," said local lawmaker Col Maroriky. The lawmaker said the affected areas were remote and prone to diseases and insecurity. Reports of a mysterious disease outbreak first emerged last week but it has now been confirmed as bubonic plague. Bush fires, blamed on persistent drought, have reportedly driven disease carrying rodents into villages, where they have transmitted the disease to humans. The outbreak has been aggravated by the poor local health infrastructure. Medical experts from the Health ministry and the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar in Antananarivo were deployed to the affected area on Monday. However, the bad roads from the regional capital city of Vangaindrano were reportedly impeding access to the affected populations. Mr. Maroriky urged the government to supply more drugs to contain the outbreak.

Epidemic Hazard in Macedonia on January 11, 2017, 07:17 AM (UTC).

Bacteria that can cause legionnaires' disease has been found in two showers in the Parliament building, Speaker of the House Anglu Farrugia has confirmed. Speaking to the Times of Malta, Dr. Farrugia confirmed that the bacteria had been found in his office shower, as well as in that of Opposition leader Simon Busuttil. The symptoms of legionnaires' disease, which can be fatal, include shortness of breath, coughing, fever, muscle aches and headaches. Dr. Farrugia said the two showers had been quarantined and the find was not expected to affect the rest of the Parliament building. Dr. Farrugia said that the problem was limited to one particular pipe that fed both his and Dr. Busuttil's showers. Legionella bacteria were first discovered inside the Parliament building last month. At the time, Dr. Farrugia said that an "emergency shock treatment" of the entire plumbing system had been carried out to eradicate any legionella traces and prevent them from spreading. There have been no reports of anyone contracting the disease from Parliament. Traces of legionnaires' bacteria were also found inside a sink in a men's bathroom at the Grandmaster's Palace several days ago.
The palace will host numerous ministerial meetings as part of Malta's six-month EU presidency. A spokesman for Malta's EU presidency said the bacteria had been found during "routine" precautionary tests. The traces were discovered inside a wash basin in one of the men's toilets. Tests carried out by the Health Department indicated there was nothing to be alarmed about, the spokesman said, and the bacteria found could be treated within three to four days. The bathroom has been sealed off and a micro­biologist has been commissioned to treat the legionella, he said. Further tests will be carried out following this period to ensure that the bacteria have been eradicated. The find is not expected to disrupt any of the EU Presidency meetings, the spokesman added. The legionella bacterium is found naturally in fresh water. It can contaminate hot-water tanks and heaters and buildings' plumbing systems. It is transmitted when the contaminated water is spread in droplets small enough for people to breathe.

Country Zambia
County / State Western Province
Area Limulunga, Nalolo, Kalabo, Shangombo and Sioma districts.

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Michael Katambo says there is an outbreak of Anthrax in cattle in Limulunga, Nalolo, Kalabo, Shangombo and Sioma districts of Western Province. Mr. Katambo said the ministry has since restricted movement and quarantined cattle in the affected areas to allow for vaccinations to be conducted. Mr. Katambo explained that the disease was an endemic and usually controlled through Annual vaccinations of cattle at a cost recovery basis from the farmers, hence the ministry had intensified surveillance in all Anthrax hotspots. "Given the epidemic nature of the current outbreak that commenced in late November 2016, the Government will undertake mass vaccinations of all cattle in the affected districts to contain the outbreak and will closely monitor the situation," he said.

Mr Katambo explained that Anthrax was a killer disease of human and animals, hence the farming community was advised to make their animals available for vaccination. He added that the consumption of meat from animals that suddenly die should be avoided as it was the main mode of transmission of the disease to humans. "In animals, the disease is often characterized by sudden death and the changing of weather pattern may have contributed to the outbreak," he said. The minister also urged the people to suspect Anthrax for any cattle found dead and therefore the animal should not to be touched or consumed but reported to the nearest veterinary office. Mr Katambo further called on the general public to be vigilant and report any sudden death of cattle in all districts of Western, Central, Northern-Western and southern province. The community members, traders, and the general public were further requested to cooperate with the veterinary officials in controlling the killer disease. He said the department was taking necessary steps to contain the outbreak.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Measles Epidemic Hazard Issued For Colorado on January 10, 2017

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is warning the public that a person diagnosed with measles recently visited a wide variety of locations in Boulder and around the Denver metro area. The state health department said the patient, who was not identified, was an international traveler who was unvaccinated and was possibly contagious from Dec. 21 to 29. During that time, the patient reported being at several locations in Boulder - a hot spot for low youth vaccination rates.
Locations visited by infected person.

On Dec. 22: Falafel King, 1314 Pearl St.T-Mobile, 1590 28th St.1136 Spruce St. Rebecca's Apothecary, 1227 Spruce St. He also visited Alfalfa's Market at 785 E. South Boulder Road in Louisville and the Flat-Irons Crossing mall in Broomfield, plus locations in Denver, Centennial, Aurora, Englewood and Parker.

State health officials said anyone who was at one of those locations on those dates should keep an eye out for symptoms of measles, which begin seven to 14 days after exposure, but may take up to 21 days. Symptoms typically include fever, runny nose, red eyes that are sensitive to light and coughing. Two to four days after the first symptoms, a red rash appears on the face and spreads to the rest of the body. A person with measles is contagious for four days before the rash appears and up to four days after the rash, and people with measles should not go out in public.

Anyone with measles symptoms should call their doctor's office first to tell the staff about symptoms, but should not go inside the doctor's office or hospital, because measles is highly contagious. The doctor might meet patients outside the medical office to protect other patients and visitors.
While rare in the U.S., measles can be very dangerous for infants who are too young to be vaccinated, people with weakened immune systems and those who have not been immunized. Serious complications can occur, including pneumonia and swelling of the brain. There was one case of measles in Colorado in 2015 and one case in 2016. "It is important to make sure you are protected against measles, especially when traveling outside the U.S.," said Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director and chief medical officer of CDPHE. "Vaccination is the only effective preventive measure against measles. Children as young as 6 months old can receive a vaccination for protection, and adults should make sure they are protected too.
Reishi Spore Products

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Bubble Around Earth Has Been Opened!

Disclaimer: This does not reflect the opinion of News For Our Times.

Jan 14th Free Will Is Going to Be Taken Away!

According to Kent Dunn, we have the Draco's and the Anunnaki from the inner earth on the run. They are the cabal, the ones doing all the harm to children, and we are at
Abe lincoln sold this country out and we have been bankrupt ever since In 1914 The Pope took over as the head of every corporate govt in the world and has taken the thrown as if he is the Messiah, and now put Paul Ryan and General Dunford in charge.
When asked about Donald Trump, he said this election was a sham.
This election was set up for trump to win. Hillary was supposed to win the night of the elections, the satellites were rigged for Hillary to win and it was stopped. Sabotaged.
Dunn doesn't think we'll make it to the inauguration. Because the cabal, the six families, and bankers who own the world will be out of power.
Trump is Hillary Clinton's second cousin, and btw she is dead. We didn't vote for democracy or republicans we voted for freedom or, slavery and we won.
Q. What about the pipeline?
A. The American Indians are from Atlantis and the corporations are going try their best to not let them win this battle. They figure if they can't win they won't let them win either.
The pipeline is not going to help our country, what they are not telling you is this. Just below Waco TX, there are 3.2 billion barrels of oil so why can't they ship the oil to them? Because they want to keep us as slaves. Google Citizens United.

And, btw Warren Buffet bought all the water rights. These people need to be stopped!

Monsanto-DuPont G.E. and 3 more corporate giants are ruling our lives and keeping secrets from us. They also own all big news Fox CNN, ABC, ABC. The CIA owns 65% of google and google owns youtube and are shutting down the right wing news channels, and putting up their own fake news.

I see it already, people uploading repeated newscast just because they can. Why do you think they're allowed to monetize it? It wasn't allowed before! And, people like Gary gets demonetized? What happened to free speech?

Multiple countries are running the internet out of San Francisco. The CIA invented facebook who gave it to the Rockefellers. Mark Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller.
We will have a new republic, we are going back to the 1871 constitution. Any policy after that will be deleted. There already are congressman set up for the republic of America to come in, we will see things like healing machines, free electricity, all of these inventions will come out, all of that will be brought back to the people. Oil will become obsolete.

Q. What will happen with the earth? Will it get cleaned up? It seems every day there is a mass fish die-off, the pacific and Atlantic is ...
A. The Pleiadians already have the technology to clean up the earth but we first have to get the corporate govt out.
everybody knows The U.S gov started ISIL. But, we didn't know who it was exactly, well I will tell you, it was Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, John McCain invented ISIL and the reason they went in there was for the alien technology that was in there, one of the biggest vortexes is there. ancient alien technology is being recovered, the ark of Gabriel and was brought down to Antarctica, in 1939 went down to set up bases and secret manufacturing where they could use the Vril down there, they made a deal with the Anunnaki and the grays. There are so many different races -the grays are part of Zeta Ritculi a binary star system. They are the ones who do most of the abductions, they are part of the Belt of Orion.
The creator is set to go to 16 d -yesterday started the energy surge. It is driving the people who live in the tunnels of the earth out by putting a pressure on them and as they come out. The spaceships are picking them up to bring them to the sun -materialize them and destroy them.
The cabal tried to get out of here by flying their ships and the Arcturians have been blowing them out of the sky.
Q.Who else are they sucking up out of the earth? Those who live in the tunnels and the honeycombs of the earth are being taken out.
The ending message from Kenn is we are ascending, be kinder to people, smile, hold the door open for somebody, be kind to be to one another, we need to lose the hate vibration and bring in the nature-nurture effect,

He says God gave him a very important message and he was told to give it to the light workers and to Gary Larrabee.
As of a few days ago Kent says 6 light workers have died and there's no good way to say this, so listen carefully the creator is pulling free will off this earth, we have 7 days to make up our mind either we are with the light or the dark.
Kent Dunn says the creator has sent a message to the light workers and to Gary, as of two days ago 6 light workers have died, the stackables have come and taken out six light workers and when that happened the creator blew his top.
Q. Who are the stackables? The stackables are a group who came together and made a robot and took out six light workers with it.
On the 14th of this month, the creator is pulling free will off planet earth, (Kent says:) you got 6 days to make up your mind, either you're with us or against us. The creator said there would be punishment for those who are against Him. They are lining up the white hats, the light workers, and all working with the light.
We had free will all this time to pick our side after the 14th we don't have that no more, it means that
what you sow so that you will reap
either you're serving the God or, you're not,
But, he says he has a mission to do, and that is to say what we sow is what we will reap after the 14th of Jan. (see disclaimer on top)
You have to understand he pleads, we have to choose!
Free will is to be taken from the people of the earth by the Jan 14th.
Rafael, Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron are here.
The bubble was around the earth has been opened to bring Jesus in and he is here now.
He says we have until January 14 to pick our sides,
We have to know what the creator wants ---he says to pray and ask what he wants us what to do.
Whether to go with the Galactic or, stay here?

The battle will begin in six days. The battle begins in 6 days.
We have 6 days to pick what side we are on, Lucifer or, Jesus
Dunn says; everything we do must be done in the powers of three like love smile laughter.

He says the galactic's are cloaked, nothing leaves nothing comes in, Jesus is here, nothing will leave everything now will be done by gods word, Q. Scripture? Yes. Jesus is with the galactic's and so are the four angels.
the power that is coming in on the 14th is going to be another blast of energy with it, the Annunaki ships are up there to take them to the sun they will be materialized and will be burned, they had their time and had free will and as they are coming up they have no free will anymore
The event we all been waiting for will be coming in 6 days now,

Jan 6th happens to be Three Kings Day
The history of Three Kings Day
Also known as Epiphany or Theophany, Three Kings Day is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God in his Son as 'human' in Jesus Christ. The observance had its origins in the eastern Christian churches and was a general celebration of the manifestation of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It included the commemoration of his birth; the visit of the Magi, all of Jesus’ childhood events, his baptism in the Jordan by John the Baptist, and even the miracle at the wedding at Cana in Galilee.
The Florida Shooter
He says the shooter was MK-Ultra chipped and mind controlled.

According to the News, hours after the attack, a picture began to emerge of Esteban Santiago 26 as a man who had served his country but had experienced trouble and failure. Mr. Santiago was discharged in (So where did he go?) August from the Alaska Army National Guard for unsatisfactory performance, according to Lt Candis A Olmstead, the spokesperson for the Alaskan Guard.
It came out through a family member that he had joined the national Guard in December 2007.
In 2010, he deployed to Balad, Iraq with the 130th Engineer Battalion, which spent a year clearing roads of improvised explosives and maintaining bridges: he was awarded a meritorious Unit Commendation.
At least two Soldiers from his company were killed in insurgent attacks during the tour, but there is nothing in the records that indicate he was ever in combat.
When adding up letters, this is how it goes A=1 B=2 C=3 and so on.
NAOTA 333 is his Instagram name. Backward Atoan. Obviously, he felt he must atone. See this goes much deeper than anything as time gets close and things get worse. The air water and land =3 three things we need to survive.
N=14 A=1 O=15 T=20 A=1 total=51
51=5+1=(6) The 333=9 | 9+6=15 / 1+5= (6) So that is 66 Add up the 11 posts 24 followers +4 following = 39 3+9 =12 1+2=3 add 6+6+3=15 | 1+5 =6 (666)

Authorities say he was mentally disturbed and said he heard voices in his head telling him to commit acts of violence. According to a senior law enforcement officials Esteban Santiago, walked into the F.B.I. office in Anchorage in November and made disturbing remarks that prompted officials to urge him to seek mental health care. Mr. Santiago, appearing “agitated and incoherent,” said “that his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency,” the official said.
Mr. Santiago’s brother told The Associated Press that Esteban was born in New Jersey and moved to Puerto Rico when he was 2.
Nelson Cruz, a Puerto Rico senator who represents PeƱuelas, the city in Puerto Rico where Mr. Santiago grew up, said he met Mr. Santiago about seven or eight years ago and found him to be a “good young man” who loved his family. Mr. Cruz said he spoke on Friday with Bryan Santiago, who relayed that the family was shocked by the news of the killings. The family offered no known motive for the crime but noted that Esteban had recently been hallucinating and was receiving psychological treatment.
Bryan said his brother went to Iraq or Afghanistan, one of those places, and came back with psychological problems,” Mr. Cruz said. “He would suddenly see visions, but that he was a calm young man and was never violent.” (So is he in Jersey now?)
Esteban Santiago liked sports and was proud of his military career. “We don’t know what happened with this guy,” Mr. Cruz said. “He was an intelligent, brilliant young man who came back affected. When he came back from the conflict, he did not return well.”
At a news conference late Friday in Florida, officials warned that learning the gunman’s motive would be a long, complex process. “We have not ruled out terrorism, and we will pursue every angle to try to determine the motive behind this attack,” said George L. Piro,
the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Miami division who FBI Director James B. Comey had named to be the special agent in charge of the Miami Division on March 04, 2014
George Piro an Assyrian-American FBI Director in charge of the Miami Division most recently served as the deputy assistant director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate at FBI Headquarters. In this role, he helped lead the FBI’s efforts to deny adversaries’ access to weapons of mass destruction materials and technologies, detect and disrupt the use of weapons of mass destruction, and respond to weapons of mass destruction threats and incidents.

Mr. Piro has held a variety of investigative, operational, and management positions within the Counterterrorism Division. He entered on duty in 1999 and was assigned to the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office to work international terrorism cases. In March 2003, he was promoted to the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters and was subsequently selected as the team leader and interrogator for the FBI team responsible for the interrogation of Saddam Hussein and other key figures within the former Iraqi regime.

In March 2006, he was promoted to supervisor of the Washington Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, responsible for the investigation of threats against the National Capital Region from international terrorist organizations. Mr. Piro also served as the assistant special agent in charge of the International Terrorism Branch for the Washington Field Office. As part of his multiple counterterrorism assignments, he has deployed throughout the Middle East.

From 2011 to 2013, Mr. Piro served as director of the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), an interagency unit overseen by the Counterterrorism Security Group within the White House that involves the intelligence community.

Mr. Piro was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a fluent Arabic and Assyrian speaker. He served as a police officer in California for nearly 10 years preceding his FBI service.

I've been thinking about that tweet about Santiago not being on Air Canada may be a fake pinned tweet. And, that he never was on any plane, not on that day. I'm thinking the gun and ammo could have already been in the bathroom. And since he was having visions and hearing voices that he is MK-Ultra controlled by a chip.
The visions, hearing voices and being forced to watch terrorism movies? Is this how the military train them all? I guess so. How would I know? I've never been in the military or, had to face combat.
The special agent of the FBI George Piro said that there were indications that Esteban Santiago was specifically chosen. (For what? For this purpose?) Or, did he mean that he, Piro was specially chosen to take this case. Of course, that must be it.

The shooting comes at a tense time for a nation that has been watching nervously as terrorist attacks have occurred elsewhere in the world, and as Mr. Trump, who has promised to bar Muslims from entering the country, prepares to ascend to the presidency.
After the shootings, the gunman lay face down, spread eagle and “waited for the deputies to come get him,” he said. At that point, the gunman showed no remorse, Mr. Lea said "He didn’t say anything,” he said. “Nothing. No emotion, no nothing. About as straight-faced as you could get.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

News For Our Times : Disturbing Reverse Speech on Donald Trump - predic...

News For Our Times : Disturbing Reverse Speech on Donald Trump - predic...

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