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The Bubble Around Earth Has Been Opened!

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Jan 14th Free Will Is Going to Be Taken Away!

According to Kent Dunn, we have the Draco's and the Anunnaki from the inner earth on the run. They are the cabal, the ones doing all the harm to children, and we are at
Abe lincoln sold this country out and we have been bankrupt ever since In 1914 The Pope took over as the head of every corporate govt in the world and has taken the thrown as if he is the Messiah, and now put Paul Ryan and General Dunford in charge.
When asked about Donald Trump, he said this election was a sham.
This election was set up for trump to win. Hillary was supposed to win the night of the elections, the satellites were rigged for Hillary to win and it was stopped. Sabotaged.
Dunn doesn't think we'll make it to the inauguration. Because the cabal, the six families, and bankers who own the world will be out of power.
Trump is Hillary Clinton's second cousin, and btw she is dead. We didn't vote for democracy or republicans we voted for freedom or, slavery and we won.
Q. What about the pipeline?
A. The American Indians are from Atlantis and the corporations are going try their best to not let them win this battle. They figure if they can't win they won't let them win either.
The pipeline is not going to help our country, what they are not telling you is this. Just below Waco TX, there are 3.2 billion barrels of oil so why can't they ship the oil to them? Because they want to keep us as slaves. Google Citizens United.

And, btw Warren Buffet bought all the water rights. These people need to be stopped!

Monsanto-DuPont G.E. and 3 more corporate giants are ruling our lives and keeping secrets from us. They also own all big news Fox CNN, ABC, ABC. The CIA owns 65% of google and google owns youtube and are shutting down the right wing news channels, and putting up their own fake news.

I see it already, people uploading repeated newscast just because they can. Why do you think they're allowed to monetize it? It wasn't allowed before! And, people like Gary gets demonetized? What happened to free speech?

Multiple countries are running the internet out of San Francisco. The CIA invented facebook who gave it to the Rockefellers. Mark Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller.
We will have a new republic, we are going back to the 1871 constitution. Any policy after that will be deleted. There already are congressman set up for the republic of America to come in, we will see things like healing machines, free electricity, all of these inventions will come out, all of that will be brought back to the people. Oil will become obsolete.

Q. What will happen with the earth? Will it get cleaned up? It seems every day there is a mass fish die-off, the pacific and Atlantic is ...
A. The Pleiadians already have the technology to clean up the earth but we first have to get the corporate govt out.
everybody knows The U.S gov started ISIL. But, we didn't know who it was exactly, well I will tell you, it was Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, John McCain invented ISIL and the reason they went in there was for the alien technology that was in there, one of the biggest vortexes is there. ancient alien technology is being recovered, the ark of Gabriel and was brought down to Antarctica, in 1939 went down to set up bases and secret manufacturing where they could use the Vril down there, they made a deal with the Anunnaki and the grays. There are so many different races -the grays are part of Zeta Ritculi a binary star system. They are the ones who do most of the abductions, they are part of the Belt of Orion.
The creator is set to go to 16 d -yesterday started the energy surge. It is driving the people who live in the tunnels of the earth out by putting a pressure on them and as they come out. The spaceships are picking them up to bring them to the sun -materialize them and destroy them.
The cabal tried to get out of here by flying their ships and the Arcturians have been blowing them out of the sky.
Q.Who else are they sucking up out of the earth? Those who live in the tunnels and the honeycombs of the earth are being taken out.
The ending message from Kenn is we are ascending, be kinder to people, smile, hold the door open for somebody, be kind to be to one another, we need to lose the hate vibration and bring in the nature-nurture effect,

He says God gave him a very important message and he was told to give it to the light workers and to Gary Larrabee.
As of a few days ago Kent says 6 light workers have died and there's no good way to say this, so listen carefully the creator is pulling free will off this earth, we have 7 days to make up our mind either we are with the light or the dark.
Kent Dunn says the creator has sent a message to the light workers and to Gary, as of two days ago 6 light workers have died, the stackables have come and taken out six light workers and when that happened the creator blew his top.
Q. Who are the stackables? The stackables are a group who came together and made a robot and took out six light workers with it.
On the 14th of this month, the creator is pulling free will off planet earth, (Kent says:) you got 6 days to make up your mind, either you're with us or against us. The creator said there would be punishment for those who are against Him. They are lining up the white hats, the light workers, and all working with the light.
We had free will all this time to pick our side after the 14th we don't have that no more, it means that
what you sow so that you will reap
either you're serving the God or, you're not,
But, he says he has a mission to do, and that is to say what we sow is what we will reap after the 14th of Jan. (see disclaimer on top)
You have to understand he pleads, we have to choose!
Free will is to be taken from the people of the earth by the Jan 14th.
Rafael, Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron are here.
The bubble was around the earth has been opened to bring Jesus in and he is here now.
He says we have until January 14 to pick our sides,
We have to know what the creator wants ---he says to pray and ask what he wants us what to do.
Whether to go with the Galactic or, stay here?

The battle will begin in six days. The battle begins in 6 days.
We have 6 days to pick what side we are on, Lucifer or, Jesus
Dunn says; everything we do must be done in the powers of three like love smile laughter.

He says the galactic's are cloaked, nothing leaves nothing comes in, Jesus is here, nothing will leave everything now will be done by gods word, Q. Scripture? Yes. Jesus is with the galactic's and so are the four angels.
the power that is coming in on the 14th is going to be another blast of energy with it, the Annunaki ships are up there to take them to the sun they will be materialized and will be burned, they had their time and had free will and as they are coming up they have no free will anymore
The event we all been waiting for will be coming in 6 days now,

Jan 6th happens to be Three Kings Day
The history of Three Kings Day
Also known as Epiphany or Theophany, Three Kings Day is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God in his Son as 'human' in Jesus Christ. The observance had its origins in the eastern Christian churches and was a general celebration of the manifestation of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It included the commemoration of his birth; the visit of the Magi, all of Jesus’ childhood events, his baptism in the Jordan by John the Baptist, and even the miracle at the wedding at Cana in Galilee.
The Florida Shooter
He says the shooter was MK-Ultra chipped and mind controlled.

According to the News, hours after the attack, a picture began to emerge of Esteban Santiago 26 as a man who had served his country but had experienced trouble and failure. Mr. Santiago was discharged in (So where did he go?) August from the Alaska Army National Guard for unsatisfactory performance, according to Lt Candis A Olmstead, the spokesperson for the Alaskan Guard.
It came out through a family member that he had joined the national Guard in December 2007.
In 2010, he deployed to Balad, Iraq with the 130th Engineer Battalion, which spent a year clearing roads of improvised explosives and maintaining bridges: he was awarded a meritorious Unit Commendation.
At least two Soldiers from his company were killed in insurgent attacks during the tour, but there is nothing in the records that indicate he was ever in combat.
When adding up letters, this is how it goes A=1 B=2 C=3 and so on.
NAOTA 333 is his Instagram name. Backward Atoan. Obviously, he felt he must atone. See this goes much deeper than anything as time gets close and things get worse. The air water and land =3 three things we need to survive.
N=14 A=1 O=15 T=20 A=1 total=51
51=5+1=(6) The 333=9 | 9+6=15 / 1+5= (6) So that is 66 Add up the 11 posts 24 followers +4 following = 39 3+9 =12 1+2=3 add 6+6+3=15 | 1+5 =6 (666)

Authorities say he was mentally disturbed and said he heard voices in his head telling him to commit acts of violence. According to a senior law enforcement officials Esteban Santiago, walked into the F.B.I. office in Anchorage in November and made disturbing remarks that prompted officials to urge him to seek mental health care. Mr. Santiago, appearing “agitated and incoherent,” said “that his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency,” the official said.
Mr. Santiago’s brother told The Associated Press that Esteban was born in New Jersey and moved to Puerto Rico when he was 2.
Nelson Cruz, a Puerto Rico senator who represents PeƱuelas, the city in Puerto Rico where Mr. Santiago grew up, said he met Mr. Santiago about seven or eight years ago and found him to be a “good young man” who loved his family. Mr. Cruz said he spoke on Friday with Bryan Santiago, who relayed that the family was shocked by the news of the killings. The family offered no known motive for the crime but noted that Esteban had recently been hallucinating and was receiving psychological treatment.
Bryan said his brother went to Iraq or Afghanistan, one of those places, and came back with psychological problems,” Mr. Cruz said. “He would suddenly see visions, but that he was a calm young man and was never violent.” (So is he in Jersey now?)
Esteban Santiago liked sports and was proud of his military career. “We don’t know what happened with this guy,” Mr. Cruz said. “He was an intelligent, brilliant young man who came back affected. When he came back from the conflict, he did not return well.”
At a news conference late Friday in Florida, officials warned that learning the gunman’s motive would be a long, complex process. “We have not ruled out terrorism, and we will pursue every angle to try to determine the motive behind this attack,” said George L. Piro,
the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Miami division who FBI Director James B. Comey had named to be the special agent in charge of the Miami Division on March 04, 2014
George Piro an Assyrian-American FBI Director in charge of the Miami Division most recently served as the deputy assistant director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate at FBI Headquarters. In this role, he helped lead the FBI’s efforts to deny adversaries’ access to weapons of mass destruction materials and technologies, detect and disrupt the use of weapons of mass destruction, and respond to weapons of mass destruction threats and incidents.

Mr. Piro has held a variety of investigative, operational, and management positions within the Counterterrorism Division. He entered on duty in 1999 and was assigned to the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office to work international terrorism cases. In March 2003, he was promoted to the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters and was subsequently selected as the team leader and interrogator for the FBI team responsible for the interrogation of Saddam Hussein and other key figures within the former Iraqi regime.

In March 2006, he was promoted to supervisor of the Washington Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, responsible for the investigation of threats against the National Capital Region from international terrorist organizations. Mr. Piro also served as the assistant special agent in charge of the International Terrorism Branch for the Washington Field Office. As part of his multiple counterterrorism assignments, he has deployed throughout the Middle East.

From 2011 to 2013, Mr. Piro served as director of the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), an interagency unit overseen by the Counterterrorism Security Group within the White House that involves the intelligence community.

Mr. Piro was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a fluent Arabic and Assyrian speaker. He served as a police officer in California for nearly 10 years preceding his FBI service.

I've been thinking about that tweet about Santiago not being on Air Canada may be a fake pinned tweet. And, that he never was on any plane, not on that day. I'm thinking the gun and ammo could have already been in the bathroom. And since he was having visions and hearing voices that he is MK-Ultra controlled by a chip.
The visions, hearing voices and being forced to watch terrorism movies? Is this how the military train them all? I guess so. How would I know? I've never been in the military or, had to face combat.
The special agent of the FBI George Piro said that there were indications that Esteban Santiago was specifically chosen. (For what? For this purpose?) Or, did he mean that he, Piro was specially chosen to take this case. Of course, that must be it.

The shooting comes at a tense time for a nation that has been watching nervously as terrorist attacks have occurred elsewhere in the world, and as Mr. Trump, who has promised to bar Muslims from entering the country, prepares to ascend to the presidency.
After the shootings, the gunman lay face down, spread eagle and “waited for the deputies to come get him,” he said. At that point, the gunman showed no remorse, Mr. Lea said "He didn’t say anything,” he said. “Nothing. No emotion, no nothing. About as straight-faced as you could get.

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