Friday, April 7, 2017

I'm In Dire Straights.

Hello everybody,

Last year I asked for help. I didn't get any but, I got through it by eating less and not buying anything I really need like clothes and a new pair of sneakers. How embarrassing to go out with cut off old pants for shorts and old t-shirts. I'm not materialistic but, a woman needs other things too.
I don't have a cell phone like some of you do who don't have a computer. That's good but, I can't afford to have another monthly bill.

I started a go fund me page for a computer and bills that I fell behind on which are basic, gas, electric, FIOS and car ins.
I also need some clothes which I haven't been able to buy since my last job ended. I have no washer dryer here and been washing clothes by hand because the laundromat closed by me and the other one is across the Island and then there is gas. My car battery went dead the other day too, soon I will need to get a new battery or, alternator? You can see about me in the videos here.
Thanks for reading, take care and I hope you are doing well.

If the link doesn't show up go to the gofundme page and look up my real name Jeanette foresta. You might see it but, I can't because my computer is broke.