Friday, May 12, 2017

Silent Invasion by Ellen Crystall
UFO's seen in upstate New York!
Review by Jeanette Foresta: May 22, 2017

Pros: Has pictures in it, and took place in the eighties. If you are into these types of books this is well worth the read.
The single most important event in the history of the human race would be contacted with extraterrestrial life. According to Ellen Crystall, that contact already began. Since 1982, thousands of people have sighted UFO's in the Hudson Valley of New York, Orange County where this author did her research. These
The field research was carried out in Pine Bush NY with the meticulous collecting of evidence and gathering statements from witnesses over a period of many years.
This book is dedicated to all the people who have seen aliens and crafts and have suffered because of it.
Unlike other abduction stories, this author was never abducted, nor has she ever been hypnotized by anyone.
She describes how she and interested parties would sit in their car at night and look at the UFO show that went on there often back in the 80's. The book's copyright is 1991.
She describes how she and her friends and interested parties including Peter Gersten at one time, sat in their cars waiting for the UFO and light show to begin. However, Peter never got to see the show. He was as disappointed as losing his lawsuit against the state of Arizona for UFO disclosure.
That brings me to the author’s claims of conspiracy and cover-ups. The author even speculates as to how the Illuminati, are in on it.
The bottom line seems to be that they are here on a multifaceted mission. and none of it seems intended for human good as a benefit to individuals or race. Ellen speaks of the majestic twelve situations; she speaks of the Bilderberg Group the Illuminati being a paranoid way of thinking and then reconsiders when she remembers the Iran-Contra affair, and how this is not only possible but, likely. Now, what could they be hiding?
One being the minerals that the aliens are mining in Pine Bush.
She was told the minerals were beryllium, zirconium, and titanium. "They could be stealing and the government ought to do something about it.
And it could actually be government funded for all we know."
Ellen pursued this by doing library research and amazingly she learned that the metals were not only rare but were found only in some small Asian countries, and she nearly flipped when she read this, also in Orange County NY! Exactly where she was pursuing the ships. It is interesting to note that these metals are used in nuclear reactor plants.
Another startling fact, which she shares with us about the location, is the Wallkill River that runs through most of the area is one of only several Rivers in the continental United States to run North instead of South. The author does not see the connection with the water yet. Nevertheless, information about the river made her uncomfortable. "Maybe they are dumping their waste in our water! Ever think of that G-man!"
I found this information exciting.

The author claims that this is still going on Her Ph.D. is in music.
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