Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Water Purifiers!

Fast food is Dead Food! It has no life in it and you will become diseased if you keep eating it. They offer up a hearty amount of triglycerides in cold cuts and an extremely high amount of sodium. I won't even get into the vein clogging fat in french fries, bacon, burger's, and fast food chicken. Besides for the fact that they kill living animals disheartens me. But, it's there and if you want to eat it have at it. Give me a call when you want to learn what to eat.

If you want to eat beef, you can trace where it came from on certain brands, not all!

Boston Market inject chickens with a large amount of fat so it's more tender than any other chicken. I know this fact because I knew a manager of one of the chains. He told me that's why I would always get a stomach ache after eating there. The other Food Chain
KFC deep fry their chicken in a bucket of, a heart attack waiting to happen.

Commercials show close-ups of mouths scrumptiously crunching down on a highly addictive way of eating. They play these commercials at around 9:30 PM, have you ever noticed that?
Oh, but you are supposed to have so much willpower to not pick up that phone for a home delivery? Then you go to sleep, and your body is so busy digesting, instead of resting. So, you wake up tired. That is if the heartburn and indigestion don't keep you up all night. Cure?

I used to get such bad indigestion at one time but, my mother was a home remedy advocate and would tell me to hurry to drink a hot glass of water, and it worked every time until it totally stopped. I had to figure out what I was eating wrong or if it was stress.

A few years ago Jamie Oliver was so fed up with seeing obese children suffering, as he did as a child, that he did a TV special on obesity in children.
So many children were, and still, are being bullied over their weight! They're getting diabetes, and children as young as two have high cholesterol. Some parents think as soon as their babies get teeth, they can start eating pizza, fries, and fast food that is not meant for babies.
Their taste buds are perfect before they become accustomed to salted and sweetened food. That's why I never gave my own children gobs of ice cream as children. I was into health food before I even had children. When I was pregnant I had no morning sickness. Morning sickness is your body cleaning out the toxins so the fetus has a safe environment to start off with.

Parents and grandparents are the ones who ruin the process through a dysfunctional way of thinking. Parents have to set rules and have the grandparents go along with it. Instead, I see grandparents undo all the good parents do!

The Jamie Oliver TV special showed him pouring tubs of fat into a dumpster which was what was on the schools' lunch menu. In one segment he did a question and answer lesson with the children. He found that most children as old as seven, couldn't identify a potato when he held it up but, they knew what a French fry was. That's when schools started changing their menus.

It's easier to change a menu then it is to change eating habits of children and adults. Not only is fast food convenient, it is giving ten-year-olds high cholesterol. Couple that with sugar latent drinks a direct link to childhood diabetes.

One solution for city dwellers like myself can be found in Urban Gardening: How To Grow Food In Any City Apartment Or Yard No Matter How Small (Growing Indoors, on Rooftops, Small Yards, Balcony Gardens, Planting... Gardening Systems Guidebooks may be helpful. Just google how to grow a garden indoors.
Communities can get together to get a Greenhouse.
does is, it super excites the food molecules. It changes the molecular structure of the food. So when the food goes into your body it causes a molecular imbalance on a cellular level. It actually takes energy and oxygen out of our body.

There were studies done which traced the rise of colon cancer, and other digestive diseases linked directly to the use of microwave ovens.

Styrofoam was finally taken off the market thanks to former Mayor Bloomberg. I've been telling my family about this for years. Styrofoam plates must not be used to heat food or, water in a microwave oven at all.
Don't even put hot food from an oven onto a styrofoam plate because the heat from the food breaks down the styrofoam molecules and it gets into the food. Notice that delis have cardboard cups now for coffee? They have known about this for years. Does it really have to be regulated by a Mayor? I guess so.

We wanted change and we are getting it. People may feel some growing pains. It's time our dysfunctional habitual ways of eating get some tough love. People want to yell and scream about things they have no foresight to see will change for the better.

TV Commercials: There was one commercial where the mother puts a pop-em in a microwave oven then pops it right into her son's mouth. I don't see that commercial anymore.

Food from the microwave may feel cool on the outside while the inside is steaming hot! It heats up from the inside out. The elderly and children are burning their mouths, and throats by not being aware of this.

Change your thoughts to change your habits. Boost your immune system with as close to live food as you can get these days without them being GMO.

Food should be eaten that grows seventeen to one hundred miles of your region. The fruits and vegetable should be picked when ripe.

Most supermarkets have organic food from small farms which are what I prefer. The food marked USDA Organic approved is genetically modified. They are owned by Monsanto which have molecules with pesticides already in them so they don't get eaten by insects. Wonder where the bees went? Wonder if we will go the way of the bees?

Having clean water is one of the most important facts of life. All across the US, we are spending way too much on bottled water. I never thought I would see the day where we'd be paying for water nevertheless buying it but, the new world has arrived

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  1. Where are the devices for creating drinking water from air? I keep seeing ionizers.

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  3. Meanwhile put a bottle under reverse cycle air-conditioner water drain pipe outlet then through kitchen top gravity water filter.